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About Culture Station Seoul 284

Culture Station Seoul 284 is a dynamic and open multi-disciplinary cultural space that is accessible to everyone.The former Seoul Station, the bulding of the Culture Station Seoul 284 had been a major stage in modern and contemporary Korean history and a gateway for transportation and commerce for almost a century.

After its restoration back to its original appearance, it was officially launched in August of 2011 as a space for diverse artistic and cultural creation and exchange.

Culture Station Seoul 284 strives to be a place for general public to interact with one another and enjoy arts, a place where past and present coexist, making a way for the future.

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Implication of the Name ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’

The official name ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’ was selected through a national open call. 284 is the number assigned to the old Seoul Station building as a historic site. ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’ is meant to convey the notion of a place that preserves historical memories of the past while serving as the center of contemporary cultural networks.


At Culture Station Seoul 284, various forms and genres of arts are presented, including fine art, architecture, music, dance, and etc. Culture Station Seoul 284 offers programs organized by its own staffs as well as programs produced by outside organizers.

Programs by Culture Station Seoul 284

historic past, we plan and manage programs which incoporate, and interfuse diverse genres of arts.

  • – Convergence Art Program
  • – Performance Program
  • – Plaza Festival

Programs by Outside Organizers

Culture Station Seoul 284 selectively offers programs which reflect its mission as public culture complex.

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