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The former Seoul Station started operating in a 33m2 (10 pyeong) wooden building in July of 1900 with the opening of the Kyeong-in railway line. It was originally located near Yeomcheon Bridge and was called Namdaemun Station. In September 1925, the South Manchurian Railway Company built a new renaissance style structure and changed its name to Gyeongseong Station. Not only was the newly built architecture grand in its scale but was the talk of the town due to its unique façade and domed roof. Later, Gyeonseong Station was renamed Seoul Station, and Seoul Station was restored after having been partly destroyed during the Korean War. In January 2004, with the opening of ktx and the newly constructed Seoul Station, the former Seoul Station was shut down, and with its restoration completed in 2011, re-opened as a multidisciplinary cultural complex.


문화역서울284 연혁-년도,일자,내용
2001~ 2012 Apr. 2 Culture Station Seoul 284 officially launched
2011 Apr.15 Management consigned to Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF)
Aug. 8 Restoration completed
Aug. 9 Culture Station Seoul 284 opens its doors after its restoration back to its original appearance
2007 Aug.30 Management transferred from the Cultural Heritage Administration to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2007 Aug. Transfer of ownership to the State-Owned Cultural Property Office (Historic Site 284) due to the conversion of the Korean National Railroad into a public corporation
2004 KTX (Korea Train Express) starts its operation
1951 ~ 2000 1997 Apr. 1 Seoul Station Railroad Museum opens
1993 Dec. Seoul Cultural Center opens
1988 First privately-funded station erected
1981 Sep.25 Designated Historic Site 284
1977 Jan.22 Raised walkway built to connect Seoul Station and West Annex
1975 Jan. 5 Korean National Railroad moves from Seoul Station to the new West Annex
Sep.18 Korean National Railroad West Annex Office completed
1974 Aug.15 Seoul subway line between Seoul – Cheongryangri opens
1972 May.10 Korean National Railroad’s Seoul Station West Annex Office
construction begins
1969 Feb.14 Western Annex of Seoul Station built
1957 Dec.30 Southern Annex of Seoul Station built
1900 ~ 1950 1947 Nov. 1 Gyeongseong Station renamed Seoul Station
1925 Sep.30 Gyeongseong Station
(current Culture Station Seoul 284) built
Oct.15 Gyeongseong Station begins its operations
Oct.25 Gyeongseong Station’s western style restaurant on the 2ndfloor opens
1923. Jan. 1 Namdaemun Station renamed Gyeongseong Station
1905. Mar.24 Namdaemun Stop renamed Namdaemun Station
1900. Jul. Namdaemun(South Gate) Stop Opened

현재, 문화역서울294 공식출범 2013.04.02 사적 284호 지정 1981.09.25 도약, 철도청 서울역 서부역사착공 1972.05.10 서울역 개칭 1947.11.01 변화, 경성역 준공 1925.09.30 남대문정거장 건설 1900.07 START

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