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Program List - For Category, Genre, Time, Venue, Viewership Rating, Opening Hours, etc
[Temporary Exhibition] Typojanchi2017: Mohm The 5th International Typography Biennale
CategoryTemporary Exhibition
TimeFriday, 15th Sep, 2017 ~ Sunday, 29th Oct, 2017
VenueThe Whole Museum​
Viewership RatingGeneral Audiences
Opening Hours10:00 AM-19:00 PM
Admission TicketsFree​

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Typojanchi 2017: Mohm
The 5th International Typography Biennale

Letters have enriched culture while infinitely repeating formation and transformation, making them the most important medium in human history. Furthermore, the sociocultural environment, where images and technologies prosper, makes people’s interest in spoken language move to artistic/formative interest through written language. The world’s one and only international biennale under the theme of letters, Typojanchi, has become a global event to raise awareness in Korea and around the world. 2017 is a venue for entertainment and experiments to explore various events and phenomena we witness through texts and images under the theme of “Body.” Those events and phenomena are represented by keywords such as exchange, succession, bond, transfer, relationship, micro-community, intervention, dialogue, interval, affair, neighbor, specific space, coexistence, low-tech, negotiation, variable, society of minors, projection, participation and connection. As the most important way to embody a small part of the theme of “Body,” we chose to provide various perspectives for interpretation rather than unilaterally delivering predictable answers to viewers. To this end, we tried to share different views through research publishing projects such as “Mohm (Body) Dictionary,” “Touch Type,” and “Magazine,” while also exploring the potential of exhibitions in advance through the forms of “Workshop” and “Open Studio.” In addition, we valued unreserved dialogue-without scripts-and tried to talk with many people about letters and the body by expanding opportunities for lectures, discussions, and dialogue. We are presenting Typojanchi 2017 as a result of various collaborations, such as related exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and discussions, to realize the segmentation and connection of different ideas.


□Exhibition Overview
⚬Date : Sep. 15 – Oct. 29, 2017 10:00~19:00
*Closed: Sep. 18, Oct. 4, Oct. 16
Venue : Culture Station Seoul 284 and other corresponding places
Artists : 14 countries 216 teams
Hosted by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Organized by: Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Korean Society of Typography
Endorsed by: ico-D
Sponsored by: Naver, Naver Cultural Foundation, Hyundai Motor Company, Doosung Paper, Ahn Graphics, Japan Foundation Seoul, Adobe Korea, Fast Campus, Small House Big Door, Creative Industries Fund NL
Media Sponsors: Monthly <Design>, Design Magazine CA, Neolook, IDEA Magazine, typographics t
Font Sponsors: Sandoll Communications, Jikji Soft
In Cooperation with: 019 Ghent, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Hyundai Card Design Library, Paju Typography Institute, The Book Society

Opening : Sep. 15 2017 17:00 Culture Station Seoul 284 Central Hall


1) Main Exhibitions
Sep. 15 (Fri) – Oct. 29 (Sun)
Culture Station Seoul 284

○A Chronicle of Writing: The Present and Beyond
With East Asia as the background, we look at the birth of letters, the development of media, changes in the style and form of character writing, as well as the development of printing. This section examines the trend of Hangeul typography revealed in today’s posters from the perspective of writing while conducting experiments beyond writing through auspicious characters (that represent human desire in East Asia’s Chinese character cultural sphere) and the transformation of Hangeul styles.

Write in Red: Where Mohm (Body) Touches Typography
“Write in Red” suggests body (text)-writing as a point of contact between the body and typography. Typography has inherently symbolic characteristics. The body is also seen as an incarnated symbol of the mind. This is a perspective that focuses on meaning and interpretation rather than action and process. This exhibition, on the contrary, expresses the incarnation and reality of the body through the act of body (text)-writing and, through its traces, seeks to provide an experience of contacting the typography that deviates from the symbolic action.

○Letter, Image and the Senses
Even before we had letters as a refined communication tool, we communicated in other ways. Although uncomfortable and cumbersome in some ways, people revealed intuitive emotions through their bodies. In addition, images are not as efficient as letters, but they capture a person’s inner senses. It is our goal to present the primitiveness of such senses at this exhibition with letters as its subject.

○Inhabit a Planet
“Inhabit a Planet” is a participative performance where people terraform a virtual planet. As part of a performance themed with members of a future society, this section assumes that participants will reside on a new planet in the future and ask them to place robot-shaped stickers on a 3D rendering image of the virtual planet. Different kinds of robot stickers represent different labor roles. This performance provides a nonverbal communication experience using the relationship between viewers’ participation and the artist’s thoughts.

○100 Daughters and 10 Mothers
The nature of meme resembles the human genetic cells: generated, destroyed, reproduced. Memes used in this project are produced from autonomous interpretation by a first generation of designers. These memes are divided (recreated) by more designers of the next generation and reproduced consecutively by the third generation of designers. The exhibited images, which exist like ghosts-regardless of the designers’ original intention-represent the consumption of images in today’s society.
Exhibition Website:

Raising a flag is something that expresses the opinions and ideas of individuals and groups to others, and the visual language revealed in a flag and the behavior of waving is an active mise-en-scéne. Various ideas of 14 designers (teams) on the subject of the body are expressed by the medium of flags with typography and graphics. The flags will be exhibited simultaneously at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, Korea and 019 in Ghent, Belgium.

○Playground: A Play from a Designer
The play consists of the participant, the goal of the play, and a rule and method of reaching the goal. Designers give goals and methods to activities that are not regarded as a “Play” in everyday life, and participants experience physical and mental pleasure in the process of performing them. The exhibition hall becomes a playground, and this section shares value contained in the theme of “body
” through a device that induces movement of the body in the playground and the experience created by it.

○The Process of Intuition and Variation of Experience
We have depended excessively on reason and logic even in everything where creativity is emphasized. This exhibition is divided into two parts: the process of intuition, which elaborately records how a designer’s intuition and senses come up with creativity, and variation of experience, which displays how a designer’s intuition and senses create various results when meeting the individual experience.

○Connected Body and the Specific Places
“Connected Body and the Specific Places” deals with 150 isolated bus shelters in Seoul, and the transfer/moving spaces at major stations of the Ui Sinseol Line (Bomun, Sungshin Women’s University, Jeongneung, Solsaem, Bukhansan Ui). It presents interpretations of spaces by various designers based on the locality of these places. This project changes places for movement in the city center that connect people with people and culture with culture into media from a designer’s perspective.
Exhibition website:



2) Related Exhibitions

○Connected Body and the Specific Places
(In cooperation with Seoul Art Station project)

Bus Shelter Project
Sep. 2 (Sat) – Oct. 31 (Tue), 2017
150 bus shelters in Seoul

Ui Sinseol Line Project
About six months from Sept. 2 (Sat)
Bomun, Sungshin Women’s University, Jeongneung, Solsaem, and Bukhansan Ui Station

Acting Bodies(In cooperation with Hyundai Card Design Library)
Through four artists’ works in photograph, prints, installation, film and performance, this exhibition examines the meaning of the body as a theme or a tool in design. For an artist, the body is a place that struggles for sovereignty and the subject of labor while it is a medium of acceptance for audience. Audiences can see designers’ various new ways of using the body to connect thoughts with action, recognition with practice, the designer with work, as well as work with the audience.

Sep. 16 (Sat), 2017 – Jan. 7 (Sun), 2018
Hyundai Card Design Library

Flag(In cooperation with Belgium 019 Ghent)
Sep. 15 (Fri) – Oct. 29 (Sun), 2017
019 Ghent, Belgium



3) Talk Series
Open Talk
Sep. 8 (Fri) – Sep. 9 (Sat), 2017
Naver Connect Hall
12 artists invited to Typojanchi 2017

Artist/Curator Talk
Sep. 16, 23, 30, Oct. 14, 21, 28 (Sat), 2017 (Every Saturday except Oct. 7)
Culture Station Seoul 284
Curators and artists invited to Typojanchi 2017

Special Talk
Oct. 13 (Fri), 2017
Culture Station Seoul 284
In cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company

Table Talk
Sep.17 (Sun) 2017
The Book Society
In cooperation with Hyundai Card Design Library


4) Workshop
PaTi Workshop
Sep. 18 (Mon) – Sep. 19 (Tue), 2017
Paju Typography Institute

○Hyundai Card Workshop
Oct. 14 (Sat), Nov. 4 (Sat), 2017
Hyundai Card Design Library

For detailed information on individual events, visit the official website or Facebook page of Typojanchi.